Bindiya is a true third culture kid. Born in Bangalore, India and raised in Dubai, UAE, Bindiya currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area as a marketing and communications expert for a Fortune 500 company. She began her writing career as a strategic affairs and defense journalist in India. For eight years, she covered global arms sales, innovations in weapons technology, and interviewed scores of defense officials and companies for niche publications in India and Europe. 

Bindiya strives to capture an authentic depiction of the cultures she grew up in. Her writing is inspired by the challenges she faced growing up in a patriarchal society, struggles with mental health and her deep, unrelenting love for the great outdoors. As a result, Bindiya’s stories are woven with diverse threads of knowledge, takes of resilience, and immersive settings.

She is an avid overlander and spends weekends camping and writing in the California wilderness with her husband and baby-dog.

Fun fact: Bindiya speaks seven languages. One of them is her mother tongue, Tamil. Her favorite is Arabic, which she learned to read and write while growing up in Dubai, UAE. English is her first language.